Giovanni Ferretti Tecnologo
Bread-making and derivatives consultant
Expert in gluten-free production.
Prolungamente shelf-life.

Raziel srls

Italian Brand, although projected towards international markets, Raziel srls is a specialized Company for exclusively natural bread-making solutions, and it’s widely known and respected all over the world for the entire sector of bread dough working equipment, fast food, gluten free and dried products. Thanks to our highly experienced personnel we have decided to aim our efforts on a path consisting of new working and production techniques. Our brand’s objective is providing clients or customers with a diversified know-how, intervening in choosing the most appropriate production processes and lines. Among other things, we also offer complete assistance for all parts of the process, covering the needs of all bread-makers, from small artisans to large industries..

Nature and technology meet in our products, in order to offer new ideas and opportunities to modern bread-making, for a market that is more aware of quality and of the consumer’s newest needs.

Although it is a young company, it employs qualified and highly experienced personnel, capable and at ease with assessing and facing critical working situation also in troubled geographical locations.

About Us

We are firmly convinced that research must be conducted in a 100% natural environment. We respect Nature since it’s only way to have our products be on par with the highest quality standards and Customer’s needs.
Everyday we work hard so that Your bread reaches that level of excellence only reachable by very ambitious and positive people. Everyday we look beyond what we have already reached in order to keep on improving.
We have always been trying to conjugate these three crucial elements in order to offer the best results to our Clients through a range of products that is studied and tailored after you and you alone, just like the best tailors would do.
The number of industrial bread-making companies reaching out to us and our know-how in order to build new factories and start new production lines is always growing.
In us you can find a highly reliable partner which is effectively capable of taking care of the client by listening to his real needs, while always looking for the best upgrade solutions.
Our brand is made up by real people, with a real passion for Italian bread.

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Raziel SRLs is a company that has as main objective to provide for various technological requirements and / or design of new systems in the field of bakery / pastry / fast food / gluten free, both artisanal and industrial.


The main objective of the company is to satisfy the customer, who must:

  ·       Prepare sound technical advice for the best solution for every need,

·       Always be informed on the development of design and construction, from assembly to after-sales,

·       Have the best product, the result of continuous research of the most suitable ingredients and appropriate equipment available on the domestic and foreign market,

·       Benefit from properly trained personnel for the production run.

Nature meets technology in our products to offer to contemporary bakery new ideas and new opportunities for a market that is increasingly attentive to quality and to the new needs of the consumer.


Ecco le caratteristiche più comuni di un immobile adibito alla produzione del pane e derivati.

Requests, needs and desires of the customer
Choice of prefabricated genre
Structure typology
Mechanic ventilation with humidity control
Product analysis
Predisposition of the production line
Predisposition of departments and warehouses
Ultimately, the building’s technical project is heavily considered, always keeping in mind the eventual need for extension due to possible production increases.
This project acts as the first general regulator for the factory, allowing to define the area and shape of surface needed to build the implant: such area will be researched in all of those territories that had been individuated early on.<br />\n
Allocation of the flour storage chamber in silos
Allocation of macro and micro ingredients in the warehouse
Allocation of liquid ingredients
Size of general plants
Definition of general services
Sizing of auxiliary services
Employment of all anti-injury predispositions
As in the case of all immovable goods, there is also a need for: sewers for waste fluids, waste gas and liquid exhausts, with related treatments.
The alimentary scheduling industry requires many different services in order to start a production line: electricity, hot and cold water, compressed air, low gas pressure industrial steam, thermal regulation, well ventilated air conditioning.
 Connection to the gas network for tunnel-oven burners, for the cooking phase. 
Connection to drinking water systems for doughs and hygienic use.
Connection to compressed air
Setup of the administration and offices department for duty and plant managers
Steam generation with insulated tubing featuring condense waste pipes up to the cooking oven.
Connection to the power supply network for lighting and conduction of all equipment.
Adoption of all anti-injury predispositions